Waking up at 3am? Use This Simple Trick to Fix it

The reason you wake up at 3am is because your subconsious mind is bothered by something that you can’t stop thinking about. Use this trick to clear and calm your mind, slow your breathing and make you sleep like a baby.

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Man sleeping comfortably listening to guided meditation

The audio on this page is designed to clear your mind, slow your breathing and keep you in the perfect state for optimal sleep. Play it on your phone, Alexa or any other device.

How does it work?

The audio forces you to stop thinking about bad things that could happen (anxieties), bad things that have happened (regrets) and things you need to do (worries) — the thoughts that keep you awake.

Once your mind is completely blank you’ll experience an incredible feeling of calm. Your breathing will slow, your heartrate will slow, your muscles will sink into a deep state of relaxation.

The audio keeps your mind in this state: clear of worries.

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Listen to a sample of the audio

American female voice: become present and lazer focused
American male voice sample: become present and lazer focused
American male voice sample: day time anti-anxiety

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Instant download for use on any smart phone, Alexa, Google Home or any other digital audio device.

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  • Over 8 hours of scientifically designed audio included
  • Ultra calming guided sleep meditation included
  • Calm and clear your mind and lower your stress hormones
  • Learn to be calm and focused during the day
  • Male voice, female voice or no voice downloads included
  • Instant download
  • Access the download at any time again in the future

Also included for free with your download:

  • Calming day time guided meditation to calm your mind, lower your heart rate and slow your breathing at any time
  • Energizing day time guided meditation to energize your mind and wake you up

Listen on Alexa (Amazon Echo)

To listen on Alexa simply download the audio on your phone and connect to Alexa. Full (and very simple) instructions included in your download.

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