SleepOptimized is a revolution in the way you sleep and the way you live

Transform your night’s sleep with deeply relaxing, soothing sounds and soft-spoken positive affirmations played quietly while you drift off into a perfect night’s sleep and wake feeling better than ever before.

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Do you struggle to wake up early?

I invented SleepOptimized because I used to really struggle to wake up early. I hated getting up early. My alarm would go off and I would press snooze over and over again.

Then I realized something: Of course it’s hard to get up…

When you’re half asleep your natural instinct takes over. Your subconscious wants to stop the horrible sound of the alarm and go back to wonderful sleep. You instinctually press snooze. Your subsconscious is more in control of your behaviour.

You don’t want to leave your warm, comfortable bed and do all the things you don’t enjoy, like commuting, working, etc. 

In other words…

You dread getting up

You’ve implanted this powerful idea in your subconscious and when the morning arrives, your subconscious takes control and stops you from wanting to get up early and make the most of your life.

You know it’s logical to get up and make the most of your day, but your subconscious is still in charge and it decides sleeping is much better at that moment.

I realized the obvious solution…

Instead of having an alarm sound you subconsciously learn to dread (and therefore dread getting up in the morning) we need a beautiful, paradise-like sound that we look forward to hearing. And therefore the reverse would be true — we’d actually want to hear the alarm sound. We’d actually want to get up. It would transform our mornings.

This is why SleepOptimized revolutionized my life.

I created heavenly sounds that very gradually increase in volume, slowly waking you over a period of 60 minutes. There’s no need to even think about getting up. Just let the sounds soothe your mind and make you feel happy. They’re designed to gradually energize you using a special combination of natural morning sounds (bird songs, sounds of nature) and a special energizing frequency, which very gradually builds up, energizing you more and more.

You need a reminder of why you need to get up

If you find yourself laying in bed, wasting your life, you need a reminder of why it’s so important you get up.

SleepOptimized contains a special script that guides you to think about your life goals. In the morning a quietly spoken voice will ask you to think about everything you want to do in your life. This engages your brain with reality to help motivate you to get up and live your dreams.

Even if you don’t get up you’re already having a great day!

The sounds are very quiet at first. You won’t notice them. They will gradually infiltrate your subconscious making you feel happy, using a special frequency.

Instead of wanting to go back to sleep you’ll be energized and feeling happy and you’ll actually want to get up to explore the amazing world that you’re subconscious has been given a preview of in the sounds of beautiful morning songbirds and amazing sounds of nature. This is the way we should wake up! Not to the sound of a horrible alarm that makes you dread the day.

Did you know the most common time people have a heart attack is when their alarm goes off? It’s complete insanity. We should all stop using alarms. It’s dangerous.

The ‘happiness frequency’

The key to wanting to get up early is to feel positive. So, the last hour of the SleepOptimized audio uses a special audio frequency designed to make you feel happy and energized. The frequency is often used by people who want to go out and have a good time! Well, guess what? That’s exactly the feeling you need to have when you wake up in the morning. You should be excited to start the day, just like when you’re about to go out and do something you love.

By changing the way you feel in the morning so that you can’t wait to start the day, you could change your whole life, because sleep takes up a third of your life — it’s incredibly important. This is why optimizing it is so important.

Alarm clocks are ‘the wrong way around’

Sleep is an area most people completely neglect to plan and optimize to improve their lives.

The next revelation about sleep I had is that we’re using our alarm clocks completely the wrong way. All of us are making this huge mistake.

Instead of setting an alarm for the morning, we should decide how many hours we want to sleep — for example, 7 hours. And then start an audio playing 7 hours before we want to wake up.

That way, you know you’re getting enough sleep. By planning your sleep you change your whole life.

You need to know what time you should go to bed in order to get a healthy, optimal amount of deep sleep every night. This is incredibly important for your health.

Optimize your ‘winding-down time’

The next mistake many of us make is not winding down before going to sleep.

The SleepOptimized audio is just over 8 hours long. 7-8 hours is approximately the optimal time needed for sleep.

The first half an hour of the audio is designed to help you relax and switch off. This is the key to starting a good night’s sleep. You need to stop thinking about things that keep you awake. Take some nice slow deep breaths, relax your muscles completely and drift off into healthy, deep sleep. This is amazingly good for your health and your mind.

If you’re struggling to sleep, simply use the guided relaxation audio instructions. This is a softly spoken guide (in a male or female voice of your choice) helping you to slow your breathing down and relax your muscles. This is absolutely key to changing your mental state and relaxing your body. You’ll be fast as sleep in no time.

This alone would change most people’s lives! I recommend everyone does this. It’s so good for you.

It baffles me that no one has thought of this before. We should all be sleeping and waking like this. Stop dreading your morning and start optimizing your sleep. Change your life completely like I did!

Now I wake up early every morning to work on my amazing businesses and write my book. I never had time before because I used to press snooze for an hour instead of getting up to make the most of my day! I’ll never be like that again now that I’ve got SleepOptimized.

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  • Over 8 hours of scientifically designed audio included
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  • Calm and clear your mind and lower your stress hormones
  • Learn to be calm and focused during the day
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Also included for free with your download:

  • Calming day time guided meditation to calm your mind, lower your heart rate and slow your breathing at any time
  • Energizing day time guided meditation to energize your mind and wake you up

Listen on Alexa (Amazon Echo)

To listen on Alexa simply download the audio on your phone and connect to Alexa. Full (and very simple) instructions included in your download.

SleepOptimized has been scientifically engineered to encourage healthy sleep cycles

Humans and other mammals sleep in ‘sleep cycles’ — these are approximately 90-minute stages of sleep that we are all supposed to go through to sleep healthily. The problem is, many of us experience disturbances that disrupt the cycles leading to unhealthy sleep. As a result we’re often left feeling groggy and extremely tired in the morning, instead of feeling how we’re supposed to feel — energized and excited to get up.

Do you remember when you were a small child and you used to wake up and jump out of bed?

Some of you may have never experienced this. If that’s the case it means you’ve never had a healthy night of sleep cycles.

When I was a kid I used to sleep like a log for 8 hours, but when I woke up I’d jump out of bed at the crack of dawn and go out and play football immediately for hours on end, never tiring.

This changed dramatically as I got older because my sleep cycles became terribly disrupted and unhealthy. I suspect many people have this same problem — they feel even more tired when they wake up than when they went to sleep! This is completely wrong. It’s not supposed to be like this, believe me!

When you optimize your sleep you’ll realize that you’re supposed to feel energized and excited when you wake up. You should not feel even more tired than you were when you went to bed! That’s completely wrong.

It’s essential that you fix your sleep if you want to live a full, healthy, happy life

Don’t waste your life. Life is too short. Optimize your sleep like I did and start living your dreams.

Now I sleep like a baby, I wake up early every morning feeling excited to start my day. Before bed I write a small plan of what I’ll do when I wake up. Then I drift off into a heavenly sleep. In the morning I jump out of bed to work on my plans to make the world a better place!

I wake up because I’m energized by the audio. It’s life-changing.

This is how the world should be for everyone. No one should feel groggy and unhappy when they wake up. You shouldn’t want to snooze. You should be excited to get up and change the world.

Now you just have to decide how you want to change the world!

Good luck in your new adventures, whatever they may be.

Yours sincerely,

Chris Boyle,
Inventor of SleepOptimized

What’s included in your instant download?

  • Audio with no voice affirmations
  • Audio with male voice affirmations
  • Audio with female voice affirmations

Later I adapted the SleepOptimized audio into more formats

After several years of using SleepOptimized in various ways, I realized it’s not just useful for optimizing sleep, it’s an incredible tool for guiding people to clear their minds of all thoughts and find complete calmness.

I realized this is something that everyone could benefit from.

Not many people (including me) want to sit for an hour on their own, close their eyes and practice clearing their head of thoughts and deeply relaxing. But that’s exactly what they need to do to restore their energy levels and clear their heads.

That’s why I invented this special audio. It makes it incredibly easy for anyone to get the amazing benefits of mindfulness, meditation and more without really having to try. It’s easy. And anyone can use it in minutes instead of hours.