Positive affirmations for anxiety: how to calm your mind and reduce your stress hormone levels

Please take your time and read this slowly and carefully to understand and correctly use this technique.

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The way you talk to yourself in your mind has a powerful effect on how you feel

Try this:

Take a nice deep breath in through your nose.

As you breathe out, allow all your muscles to relax and go limp.

Breathe in again slowly and deeply. Hold for 2 seconds. Breathe out and let all your muscles go limp.

Repeat the above until you feel your muscles relaxing from your head to your toes each time you exhale.

This is a simple example of words changing how your body feels.

You’re quite literally using words to change your hormone levels, change your muscle tension and change the way you think. It’s like programing your body through the interface of your brain, using English as the programing language.

This is nothing revolutionary. It’s how the brain works. From the moment you’re born until now, you’ve been programing the way you react to the world by talking to yourself either positively or negatively about situations you’ve experienced.

Understanding this–and being able to control it–is the key to transforming your life.

You need to start telling yourself positive things and then behaving in the corresponding positive ways instead of thinking negative things that make your life worse.

This page shows you how to do it. But please take your time and read this slowly and carefully so you understand and correctly use each technique.

How to begin controlling your stress hormones

When you feel stressed and anxious it’s because the things you perceive with your senses cause your stress hormones (cortisol and adrenaline) to be released. Each of these negative perceptions is linked to the memories of your previous behavior.

If you frequently see and hear things that make you feel anxious, your stress hormones keep spiking and they may remain elevated, giving you a generalized anxiety, which makes you more susceptible to spikes in anxiety (panic attacks and extreme anxiousness in certain situations).

This causes a vicious cycle, whereby your hormones make you more susceptible to anxious thoughts and vice versa. The more you think like this the more you train your mind to think negatively.

You’ve been practicing methods that increase your stress hormones day-in-day-out for years. You’ve been training your mind to make your stress hormones pump out, making you feel horrible.

Now, you can simply do the reverse. Providing you do it correctly and practice frequently, you can change your brain, making it calm. And once you’ve regained control, the sky is the limit.

OK, so, how do we do this? 

How to retrain your mind and habits

  1. First, you need to write down all your worries and anxieties somewhere. The reason for this is it enables you to stop thinking about them. You’ve noted them and you’re going to deal with them. But you must not constantly keep thinking about them. Instead, you need to section off that part of your mind by storing those worries on paper or in a file on your phone.
  2. Next you need to bring down your stress hormones every day at a time that’s convenient for you (when you should be relaxing anyway, like before going to sleep). This is simple. You can use the SleepOptimized guided meditation for this.
  3. Next, we need to change the way you think about all the situations in which you feel anxious, thereby reducing the stress hormones generally and reducing the negative thoughts that cause the hormone spikes.
  4. Finally, you need to create new habits that reinforce strong positivity in your mind. For example, if you always worry about work (if it’s the top worry on your list), you need to create a habit of reading or learning about your job every day so that over time that worry fades away because you eliminate it through your new good habit of learning every day.

When all of these things are done together, you literally eliminate your anxieties, one by one. They’re gone. This is how you end anxiety.

Let’s get started

Start by reading these affirmations to yourself:

  • I take a nice deep breath in
  • I breathe out all stress
  • I release all the tension from my body
  • I relax and stay calm
  • I can find calmness at any time
  • I simply take a deep breath in and breathe out all stress
  • I clear my mind and stay focused on the present moment
  • I breathe calmly as I work
  • I stay completely focused on what I’m doing
  • I sit with my back straight and my head held high
  • I breathe calmly and stay relaxed
  • I focus on one thing at a time
  • My mind is clear and peaceful
  • I take my time and stay focused
  • I focus all my attention on what I’m doing
  • I stay in the present moment
  • I take a deep breath and release all stress
  • I calmly focus my attention on my work
  • My mind is clear, calm and focused
  • I take time out every day to calmly breathe and relax
  • I take a relaxing deep breath whenever I want to be calm
  • I breathe in deeply and breathe out all tension
  • I allow my body to relax and my breathing to slow down
  • I release all tension from my neck and shoulders
  • I stay relaxed and focused
  • I release all thoughts and focus on what I’m doing
  • I have a calm mind
  • I am in control of my thoughts
  • I focus on the present moment
  • I stay relaxed and calm
  • I take my time and enjoy conversations
  • I choose to relax and enjoy the moment
  • I calmly do one thing at a time
  • I stand up straight and tall
  • I focus on what I’m doing
  • I am calm and composed
  • I talk naturally and calmly
  • I take my time and talk clearly
  • Whenever I want to relax and feel calm I take a deep breath
  • I breathe out all stress and sink into total relaxation
  • I clear my mind whenever I want to
  • I release all negative thoughts
  • I stay relaxed and calm
  • I focus my attention on positivity
  • I calmly focus on my work
  • I take my time and calmly get things done
  • I stay focused and in control
  • I clear my mind and relax
  • I take my time to breathe deeply and release all thoughts
  • I breathe calmly and naturally
  • I enjoy the moment
  • I take a nice deep breath in
  • I breathe out and release all stress
  • I relax my face and my eyes
  • I calmly focus on what I’m doing

Download these statements in a super calming male or female voice recording

Download these statements in a relaxing guided meditation in both male and female voices over a super relaxing specially designed audio that calms your mind, relaxes all your muscles and reduces your stress hormones.

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The absolute key to staying calm: how I solved my crippling social anxiety disorder

I suffered from extreme social anxiety disorder for twenty years. Every day I went into the office was a living hell. I would experience panic attacks constantly and my stress hormones were constantly elevated making me feel extremely tense all the time. I would sweat and shake when I was in a room with other people. It was horrible.

I tried thousands of different affirmations and none had a profound impact on the way I felt.

I realized that when you’re in a state of extreme anxiety your brain can’t focus on long sentences or complex ideas. You need to feed it very short, very simple ideas, like “I feel calm”. 

You also need to avoid statements that people would say if they noticed you look panicked, like “everything is going to be alright” because these statements can trigger bad memories.

Basically, you need to laser-focus your brain only on positive calming ideas, and nothing else. Your mind should not be distracted by anything but the desired feeling of a calm clear mind and a relaxed body.

But that’s not nearly enough. Not even close. The key thing that everyone misses is this:

You need to associate the statements with calming thoughts and feelings that you recently experienced so that when you think them to yourself in a stressful situation (such as the start of a panic attack) your mind makes the association with calmness and your stress hormones drop instantly. And secondly, you need to practice bringing your stress hormone levels down every day to keep them low because when your stress hormones are already elevated it makes it much more likely for them to cascade out of control. This is absolutely crucial and when done right is life-changing.

Finally, you need to practice what you preach. You need to create positive daily habits that build your confidence in the areas that previously made you anxious.

Anyone can do this. We’ll take it one step at a time.

How to do it

It’s very simple. Every night, before you go to sleep, you need to listen to the relaxing guided meditation linked below. The audio relaxes your mind and body and then speaks the affirmations when you’re in a completely relaxed state: the most relaxed state you can possibly be in, while conscious.

As a result, when you think the statements during your day (in a situation that triggers your anxiety) your subconscious associates those statements with feelings of relaxation. Your muscles begin to relax. Your heart rate lowers. Your chest becomes looser and you can breathe calmly. You’re teaching your brain to reassociate those situations with calmness.

Like any learning exercise, the more you do it, the better you get. The aim is to have complete control of your thoughts so you can go into any situation and feel calm.

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Next, you need to reframe how you interpret those anxious experiences so that you see them in a positive way. Feelings of anxiety are in some ways similar to feelings of excitement. The main difference is that anxiousness is negative and excitement is positive. The negative feelings can spiral out of control until you shut down (have a panic attack).

But what if you could reframe those feelings so you feel positive and excited in situations where you previously felt anxious?

To do this we need to fill your mind with positive statements, night after night. Then, when you think the calming statements during the day your mind reframes the negative scenario with the positive thoughts.

That’s why the SleepOptimized audio is filled with positive statements like these:

  • I release all negative thoughts
  • I choose to think positively in every situation
  • I make the most of every day
  • I can do anything I put my mind to
  • I choose to be calm and friendly
  • I make the most of every opportunity
  • I get up early to get things done
  • I work hard every day to make my dreams come true
  • I focus on my goals
  • I am doing everything I said I’d do
  • I approach every situation positively
  • I always find a solution
  • I make the most of every minute
  • I wake up feeling great every morning
  • I love life
  • I focus my attention on what I enjoy
  • I let go of negative emotions
  • Every day is amazing
  • I am excited about my life
  • I always try my best
  • I always learn from my mistakes
  • I focus on good
  • I forgive people and move on
  • I stay positive
  • I focus on living my dreams
  • I am unstoppable
  • Life is amazing
  • Today is going to be a great day
  • I have a positive mindset
  • I think positive thoughts
  • Every mistake is an opportunity to learn
  • Whenever I think negative thoughts I simply release them
  • I choose to be positive
  • I am a naturally positive person
  • I am full of calm, positive energy
  • I look forward to everything I do
  • I breathe calmly and stay positive
  • I have total and absolute belief in myself
  • I achieve whatever I set my mind to
  • I get on well with everyone I talk to
  • I enjoy socializing
  • I always stay calm
  • I have complete confidence in my abilities
  • I always find a solution
  • Positivity comes naturally to me
  • I am a natural optimist
  • I overcome every obstacle
  • I always find the solution to any problem
  • It’s OK when people make mistakes
  • I give calm, constructive criticism
  • I always do my best
  • Things are getting better all the time
  • I wake up every morning feeling great
  • I spread positive energy everywhere I go
  • I love getting up early to start another amazing day
  • I am an active, healthy person
  • I am kind and friendly
  • I love the mornings
  • I choose to live my best life
  • I am constantly growing and improving

Finally, you’ll need to take time out every day to build your confidence by building your knowledge or experience in the areas that cause your anxiety.

The SleepOtptimized audio contains carefully written statements to help you build your confidence.

Download details

Each download comes with three audios:

  • No voice
  • Male voice
  • Female voice

The voiced audios comprise of this structure:

  1. Guided meditation to relax your body and mind and make you fall into a wonderful deep sleep Sleep optimization affirmations
  2. Your chosen affirmations repeated very quietly, softly and calmly
  3. Deep sleep: Your chosen affirmations spoken silently in a non-audible frequency
  4. Gradual wake-up: Wonderful bird songs and sounds of nature gradually increase in volume until it’s time to wake up + positive, happy, energizing affirmations quietly spoken on the voiced audios to energize you over the happiness frequency audio

Simply choose what time you want to wake-up (for example 6am) and play SleepOptimized 8 hours prior to that (for example 10pm). This will ensure you get the optimal 7-8 hours of healthy sleep. The first hour is for you to wind down and clear your mind. This is the healthiest way to end your day. Do whatever you want during this time!

Wake up the healthy way

Did you know that most heart attacks occur when the person’s alarm clock goes off in the morning? Using an alarm clock is a terrible idea. It’s very bad for you. Instead we should all be gradually woken by the sounds of nature. This is exactly how we’re naturally supposed to wake. It’s much much healthier than a sudden alarm shocking you awake every morning!

Imagine waking up energized every morning, like a kid on Christmas day. This is the main point of SleepOptimized. The audio very gradually energizes you over a period of an hour using the ‘happiness frequency’: a special frequency of sound that makes you feel happy so you actually want to get up!

Get up feeling happy and energized and make the most of every day.

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You can either leave it playing in the background or, actively listen to the voiced version, which contains calming, softly spoken affirmations in male or female voices.

The calming guiding meditation will get your mind into the perfect receptive state to receive positive affirmations designed to train your mind to be clear, calm and focused. Listen to them and repeat them to yourself in your head or just let them absorb into your subconscious.

Through the night it very quietly plays peaceful sounds of nature, designed to make you sleep deeply and peacefully, optimizing your sleep cycles — just like we’re naturally supposed to be.

In the morning, it gradually gets louder until it’s time for you to get up. All you have to do is choose what time you want to get up and SleepOptimized will very gradually wake you up feeling amazing. It’s a revolutionary new way to wake up feeling great every day so you make the most of life.

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