Insomnia: the trick you’ve been missing all this time

You wake up in the dark. Or maybe you never fell asleep. You feel slightly agitated. You’re not comfortable. Something’s not quite right. You hate insomnia. But that’s where your wrong…

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Man can't sleep

Insomnia is a great opportunity.

Instead of wasting this opportunity, use it to improve your life.

When you’re experiencing insomnia you’re usually too tired to focus on anything and you just end up wasting half your night laying there doing nothing.

You don’t get a healthy night’s sleep and you don’t use the time you spend awake doing anything worthwhile anyway.

And then you’re tired during the day. So you end up wasting your day because you’re too tried to do anything.

You waste half your life either laying in bed not sleeping at night or wasting the day time being too tired.

Step one is to stop caring about insomnia. Realize it’s not a bad thing. You’ve got to start enjoying every minute of your life. That means night time as well.

Learn to start enjoying the night time instead of dreading it.

This is the key thing you’ve been doing wrong.

You need to start enjoying the night time, as well as the day. You need to start making the most of every minute. Because life is short.

What is SleepOptimized?

SleepOptimized is an 8-hour audio. Play it before you go to bed. It starts by peacefully calming you, lowering your heart rate, slowing your breathing and clearing your mind of thoughts, eliminating anxieties and bringing your stress hormones down, creating the perfect environment for sleep.

You can either leave it playing in the background or, actively listen to the voiced version, which contains calming, softly spoken affirmations in male or female voices.

The calming guiding meditation will get your mind into the perfect receptive state to receive positive affirmations designed to train your mind to be clear, calm and focused. Listen to them and repeat them to yourself in your head or just let them absorb into your subconscious.

Through the night it very quietly plays peaceful sounds of nature, designed to make you sleep deeply and peacefully, optimizing your sleep cycles — just like we’re naturally supposed to be.

In the morning, it gradually gets louder until it’s time for you to get up. All you have to do is choose what time you want to get up and SleepOptimized will very gradually wake you up feeling amazing. It’s a revolutionary new way to wake up feeling great every day so you make the most of life.

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  • Over 8 hours of scientifically designed audio included
  • Ultra calming guided sleep meditation included
  • Day time guided meditation for laser focused clear thinking included
  • Day time guided meditation for energizing you included
  • Male voice, female voice or no voice downloads included
  • Powerful positive affirmations spoken calmly into your subconcious
  • Gradually wake up to wonderful sounds of nature instead of being shocked awake by your alarm
  • Start looking forward to the morning again instead of dreading it
  • Instant download
  • Access the downloads at any time again in the future

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