How to wake up early feeling energized

Alarm clocks are a terrible way to make yourself wake-up early in the morning. They’re truly terrible. There’s a much more effective and healthy way…

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Waking up stretching feeling awake and energized

Did you know most heart attacks occur when the person’s alarm clock goes off in the morning? When you think about it, alarm clocks are actually a terrible idea: you literally shock yourself awake every morning, creating the worst possible start to your day.

But there’s a much better way…

Have you ever noticed kids wake up very early and energized on Christmas day? They literally cannot wait to get out of bed to start the day.

What if you could replicate that feeling every morning, so you don’t feel tired when you wake up and you want to get out of bed and start your day to make the most of your life?

If you’ve ever slept outside you might have noticed you naturally wake up early because the birds gradually get louder and louder, gradually waking you up. It’s like a natural alarm clock that wakes you up without any feelings of shock or dread that you get from an alarm sound. This is how we’re supposed to wake up. Eventually, the sounds are loud enough that you feel more awake than sleepy and you naturally want to get up. You quite literally choose to get up over staying in bed.

SleepOptimized is an audio that gradually increases in volume with the sounds of bird songs and nature. The audio plays to a frequency known as the ‘happiness frequency’, making you feel positive (like a kid on Christmas day), so when it’s time to wake up you’re energized and you actually want to get up! 

You don’t get that feeling of dread you get when the alarm goes off early in the morning and you know you have to get ready for work.

It’s crazy that we still use deadly alarm clocks. Millions of people are still using a gadget that quite literally kills people. Everyone should use SleepOptimized. Anything else is madness.

SleepOptimized is a much better way

What is SleepOptimized?

SleepOptimized is an 8-hour audio. Play it before you go to bed. It starts by peacefully calming you, lowering your heart rate, slowing your breathing and clearing your mind of thoughts, eliminating anxieties and bringing your stress hormones down, creating the perfect environment for sleep.

You can either leave it playing in the background or, actively listen to the voiced version, which contains calming, softly spoken affirmations in male or female voices.

The calming guiding meditation will get your mind into the perfect receptive state to receive positive affirmations designed to train your mind to be clear, calm and focused. Listen to them and repeat them to yourself in your head or just let them absorb into your subconscious.

Through the night it very quietly plays peaceful sounds of nature, designed to make you sleep deeply and peacefully, optimizing your sleep cycles — just like we’re naturally supposed to be.

In the morning, it gradually gets louder until it’s time for you to get up. All you have to do is choose what time you want to get up and SleepOptimized will very gradually wake you up feeling amazing. It’s a revolutionary new way to wake up feeling great every day so you make the most of life.

Download the SleepOptimized audio

  • Wind down and switch off feeling relaxed and positive
    Start each night off with a deeply relaxing guided meditation to help you sleep (or just leave it to play quietly in the background to relax you)
  • Get the perfect night’s sleep
    The audio is designed to optimize your sleep cycles giving you the perfect night’s sleep so you can make the most of every night and every day from now on. 
  • Wake up energized
    The audio gradually wakes you up using wonderful bird songs and sounds of nature that gradually increase in volume until it’s time to wake up, The ‘happiness frequency’ is designed to make you want to get up naturally so you feel driven and motivated. Positive energy affirmations are used in the voiced version. These are very carefully designed statements that trigger your mind to feel super energized.

What affirmations are used to wake you up?

Below is the list of affirmations that are quietly spoken into your subconscious in the morning to gradually energize you and wake you up feeling positive.

  • I feel great
  • I think positively
  • I am full of positive energy
  • I feel happy
  • I am a very positive person
  • I make things happen
  • Today is going to be a great day
  • I always do the right thing
  • I make the most of every day
  • I love life
  • I get up early every day
  • People can rely on me
  • Life is an amazing thing
  • I am in control of my thoughts
  • I am a good friend
  • I make the most of every morning
  • Getting up early is easy
  • I am valued
  • I am a good person
  • The world needs me
  • I am positive about today
  • Life is great
  • I am so lucky to be alive
  • Just think how lucky we are
  • Good things are happening
  • Every day is a good day
  • Life is incredible
  • I make the most of every single minute
  • I radiate good energy
  • I am full of good vibes
  • I believe in myself
  • I have a great attitude
  • I enjoy making the world a better place
  • Every day is amazing
  • I am so lucky to be able to experience life
  • I choose to be positive
  • I choose to be happy
  • Today is going to be amazing
  • I see the good in others
  • I am a good person
  • I am making the world a better place
  • I make the most of my time
  • My body is filling with positive energy
  • Today is going to be fun
  • I see the bright side of life
  • Every day is a gift
  • I feel powerful positive energy flowing into me
  • Positive energy from all over the universe is flowing into my body
  • Every minute my body fills with more and more positive energy
  • Every minute more positive energy is flowing into my body
  • I’m filled with positive energy
  • My mind is completely positive
  • I think only incredibly positive thoughts
  • I feel powerful
  • I am incredibly positive
  • My body and mind are filling with more and more positive energy
  • I can feel the positive energy flowing into my body making me feel amazing
  • I feel incredible
  • I can see the positive energy flowing like a white light and absorbing into my body
  • So much positive energy from all over the universe is flowing into me
  • I’m becoming more and more positive as more and more positive energy flows into me
  • As more energy flows into me I feel more and more awake
  • I can see more positive energy flowing into me from all over the universe
  • It’s like beams of white light absorbing into my body energizing me
  • As more beams of white light absorb into my body I awaken
  • The more white light fills my body the more energized I become
  • I am overflowing with energy
  • I feel wonderful
  • I feel amazing
  • I love the mornings
  • Every day is an opportunity
  • I like getting things done
  • I get up and get things done
  • I am completely driven to succeed
  • I am ready for another great day
  • Nothing can stop me from achieving my dreams

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